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Stars ‘n Stripes, founded in 1987, was established to provide young soccer players who have dedication, desire and love for the game, the chance to become better soccer players and better people by exposing them to different players, styles, and cultures from around the world. Players who wear the Stars ‘n Stripes uniform, return to the States with a deeper understanding of soccer, a deeper appreciation of the unique differences of the world’s cultures, and a deeper pride in their own heritage as Americans.


Stars ‘n Stripes retains only the finest coaches, individuals who have not only excelled in soccer as players themselves, but who have the unique talent of communicating with young people on a personal basis. Players and coaches develop a close relationship from living together, eating together, touring together, training together, and shopping and sightseeing together. Coaches at all times emphasize the importance of behaving with class, both on and off the field. A class which springs from both respect and pride; respect for oneself, one’s opponents, and for the host culture, and pride in one’s teammates and in America, which players and coaches represent with their every action.


Stars ‘n Stripes has visited Italy, including 1990 world cup games, France, including 1998 world cup games, Finland, Norway, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, England, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Iceland, and Australia. Stars ‘n Stripes has always left these nations with the host’s praise for the conduct, professionalism, and discipline of everyone associated with Stars ‘n Stripes. Stars ‘n Stripes teams are sought after by dozens of tournaments and organizations and have received invitations to compete all over the world.





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