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Frequently Asked Questions?

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Table of Contents

  1. How do I get to go on this trip?
  2. Where can I find more information?
  3. Why doesn't this trip cost more?
  4. Who is the lead coach on this trip?
  5. What is the total cost?
  6. When is the money due?

How do I get to go on this trip?

Stars 'N Stripes, since 1987, has been so successful traveling to abroad that word of mouth has been our biggest recruiter.  The staff, which includes coaches from across the country, sees the benefits of their soccer players participating on a Stars 'N Stripes soccer tour.  Some local tryouts exist in certain areas but all players must meet standards to participate on tour.  Each and every player must complete an application, which includes a written essay, before acceptance can be made.  Taking only serious soccer players allows the staff to focus with the entire group. 

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Where can I find more information?

ON this web site, under Players Documents, a Stars 'N Stripes Player Packet can be downloaded.  Also, under Past Trips, you can follow day by day the events that occur on each tour.  This allows each player and family a bird's eye view on how Stars 'n Stripes operates.

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Why doesn't this trip cost more?

Stars 'N Stripes is proud to offer this once in a lifetime trip to any deserving soccer player, regardless of financial background.  Our fundraising program, which has been extremely successful over the years, allows our players to earn all or part of their tour.  Being a soccer first organization, we try and keep the trip very simple, all inclusive, no hidden costs, and as professional as possible.  The complete cost of the tour includes a merchandise package as well that includes uniforms, sweatsuits, team bags, multiple t-shirts, fleece pullover, tour video, and more. 

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Who is the lead coach on this trip?

Ed Puskarich, founder and Executive Director is the lead coach on every Stars 'N Stripes Soccer Tour.  Ed, an "A" license coach, has been coaching at the Youth, High School, Collegiate, and Professional levels since 1979 and played professionally for 19 years.  Alongside Ed, Stars 'N Stripes offers a fantastic staff that is extremely talented and committed to making the international experience for each player a lifelong memory.

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What is total cost?

Total costs for each itinerary vary so please check the itineraries page on the web site.  Usually, the all inclusive prices is around $3600 and may vary determining on destinations, points of departure, etc.

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When is the money due?

Stars 'N Stripes is proud to work with each individual family on payment plans.  Once deposited, a payment plan will be sent to each family usually consisting of 3-4 payment dates.

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