2018 Classic
Trip Journal

The Final Word....

One of the Best Trips in 31 years!!



2018 Classic Trip Journal


24 July 2018

To all SnS players and families, finally have had a chance to catch up on sleep, do laundry, and reflect on a truly fabulous trip from 2018.


Hope all have enjoyed the journal and the pics and the videos, etc,  it was truly one of our best trips in 31  years!!!


Texas heat, new uniforms, homestays, meeting new kids, knowing names(PJ), flight to Iceland, flight to Munich, bus to Innsbruck, Alps, jog through town, breakfast club, juggling, watching World Cup games, Alps, Bernd our German friend, sit ups, Malta Sean, team situps, Brazilian for ice cream, more Alps, bus to Italy, spectacular Alps, beach run, San Marino Cup, opening ceremonies, dancing, chanting, more dancing and more chanting, winning games, Brayden scoring winning goal, SnS pre game chant, more beach, beach dancing, beach soccer, beach girls, Italian heat, great games, 27 hour bus to Denmark, Danish school, indoor soccer, trampoline, tumbling, ferry to Sweden, slot machines, chant contest vs. Mexicans, Swedish hotel, Swedish girls, opening ceremonies, Heden,  rain, fireworks, trading hats, playing games, lots of games, penalty kicks, retaking penalty kicks, good food, walking, more walking, Ed's bicycle, game day captains, grocery shopping, team prayers, trams, no gaps, Ed pace, chanting, giving up seats on bus, finals, more Swedish girls, Swedish heat, Liseberg amusement park, bus to Copenhagen, renting bikes, watching Brondby pro game, team dress up Italian dinner, walking street, ice cream, ice cream in face, sing a long with street performers, hostel, making breakfast, sit ups, count off, player of the day, bus to airport, lack of sleep, souvenir shopping, roommates, speaker, no cell phones, great food, good byes, pictures, snap chat, instagram, facebook, Coach Eddie, Coach Pit, Coach Dom, Coach Lennart stories, playing teams from France, Italy, Germany, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, USA, Argentina, South Africa, Iceland, etc., etc, etc.


Memories that will last a lifetime!

Thanks to all for supporting Stars 'n Stripes 2018!


Yours in Soccer,

Ed Puskarich







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