2018 Classic
Trip Journal

Last Full Day in Europe...

Excited to see ya'll back home.



2018 Classic Trip Journal


22 July 2018

Last full day in Europe and we made the most of it.


Eddie and I head to store to pickup breakfast for 50 people. What fun. Lol

Kids eat at 10 and we have day free to visit downtown Copenhagen. Great city too. About half of us rent bikes while the other half walk and we have a blast.

That is until I catch kids breaking our rules again. Shocking!!


But they will learn. Painfully but will learn!


Meet back at hostel and we take a bus to Brondby Stadium to see a Super Liga game. Great game too Tied 1-1.


Back hm and time to put on our Sunday best for dinner. Boys look so Good in ties and slacks etc. Enjoy the pics n videos.


Great dinner as we walk through town and we have ice cream on the way home. Then to top it off we end the night as we started our tour. With singing as we find a street performer and join in.


Great last day but long travel day tomorrow.


Excited for boys to see their families.


Wish us luck,


























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