2018 Classic
Trip Journal

Knockout Rounds....

So proud of the kids.



2018 Classic Trip Journal


19 July 2018


Thursday in Gothia Cup, which means knockout rounds in both the A bracket and the B bracket.

We have the red team out and the 16s out but Blue and 15s still in.


Blue get us going and have an incredible game.  We go down to a Swedish team 1-0 before Cannon Braggs ties it up with 2 minutes to go and once again we head to pks.  Ugh!!!


We are first to go;
Cannon - goal
Sweden - goal
Luke Deats - goal
Sweden - miss
Kaden Schell - miss
Sweden - goal
Michael Somerville - goal
Sweden  - miss

Rreferee calls the game stating that we won the pks but if you add them up its only 4 penalties.  A fiasco takes place and I ask the ref if the game is final, 2 times, and he says yes.  We have to rush to the 15 game so we celebrate and then leave the field.  I stay behind just in case we have questions and sure enough a huge protest from the Swedish team breaks out.  To make a long story short, our boys have gone to eat and prepare for the next game when  we have to call them back, and 45 minutes later we have to take the last round of pks during halftime of the game that was after us.


Oh the Drama but we are next and Matthew Huffman buries his shot and we once celebrate the victory.  What a sight!!!


15s next as we hustle to our game and we play very well winning 2-0 so we advance to the round of 16, but we have to hustle back to the other complex for the Blue game as we have some of the younger boys on the blue team as well.  Get the idea!  Lots of walking  here and I mean lots.


Blue game once again and our Cinderella slippers are crushed as we lose 4-1 to the same team the Red team beat in group play.  Boys are just worn out and played so hard every game. Very proud of them.


One more to go as we rush again to another complex for the 15 game and we arrive to find out the game is delayed 1 hour and 15 minutes. So now, I have dinner to sort out, etc.  Oh well, welcome to tournament play.

We play very poorly once again and lose 4-0 and their cup is now done.  


On a good note, the hotel held our dinner so we could eat.  Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Friday will give us a chance to sleep in, watch some games, relax, shop, etc. so the boys are excited.  Great cup for Stars 'n Stripes and proud of all of my boys!




Boys Blue game 1 - Cannon Braggs
boys blue game 2 - Tyler Vitale
boys 15 game 1 - Jayden Schell
boys 15 game 2 - Santiago Day
gk pod  - Matthew Huffman


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