2018 Classic
Trip Journal

Long Day...

Some Rain but a Great Day for soccer.



2018 Classic Trip Journal


18 July 2018


Hi all,


What another great day in Gothia Cup on Wed.

Some rain but it felt good and then it cleared up and a great day for soccer.

Lots of results and games below:


Boys Red - First game vs. Swedish team, current leaders in the group but we play great and win 3-2.  Gave up a phantom pk in injury time which cost us the group title but we play great.
Goals from Ian, Cannon and Jack seal the win.


Boys Red - Game 2 which is the knockout round and was us playing South Africa, which is too bad as both teams are good and should have met in the later rounds.  We go up on a goal from Ian from the PK spot and its a physical energetic game, one that I love to be involved with. South Africa hit a screamer in the last 5 to force a tie and off to PKs we go.

South Africa - goal
Cannon Braggs - goal
South Africa - goal
Jack Wyatt - miss
South Africa - goal
Ian Arendse - goal
South Africa - goal
Jack Evans - goal
South Africa - goal and they win on pks.

Hard way to go out but what a game, proud of the boys.


Boys Blue - also play for 1st place and go down 1-0 early but just continue to work hard and keep fighting. 2nd half we start pressing and Luke Deats scores a goal from Seth Deats and again Luke scores from Tyler Vitale and we win 2-1.  Opponents are really upset as they take us lightly but we win the group, a great feat for the boys.


Boys 16s - first game play really well and dominate possession but have no luck with some crazy goals from deflections, etc. and lose 3-0  Boys are ok though as they are really playing well together.


Boys 16s - game 2 was against a classless group from Cleveland and once again we play really well as we dominate play but give up another screamer and go down 1-0.  Within a minute Cade Novicke ties it up with an assist from Jack Evans but with 2 minutes to go a mistake in our box costs us and we lose 2-1.  Boys are upset but once again their play is outstanding.


Boys 15s - start off with another loss 3-2 but show more fight in the first game. Cade Novicke continues his scoring with 2 goals and we finally show some fight.


The boys 15s watch the Red team game vs. South Africa and the fight and energy the Red team showed and it carries over to their 2nd game as they pound a German team 5-1.  


Boys blue and 15s now advance to Thursday so wish us luck.




POD - 
Red - game 1  - Ian Arendse
Red - game 2 - Gabe Carballo
Blue game - Gio Moreno
16s game 1 - Gavin White
16s game 2 - Sean Schembri
15s game 1 - Cade Novicke
15s game 2 - Kaden Schell


Players of the Day (POD)


Boys Red Game 1

Boys Red Game 2

Boys Blue

16s Game 1

16s Game 2

15s Game 1

15s Game 2









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