2018 Classic
Trip Journal

Good Games Today....

3 wins and 1 lose. End of Bracket Play is tomorrow.



2018 Classic Trip Journal


17 July 2018


Hi gang,


July 17th update and last nights experience has jump started our boys as we win 3 games today and lose 1.


18 Red team is first up as we play an English team.  We go down 1-0 before we storm back with a 4-1 victory.

Goal Michael Somerville, assist Gabe Carballo
Goal Michael Somerville, assist Cannon Braggs
Goal  Daniel Barrett, assist Cannon Braggs
Goal Logan Lafferty, assist Jack Evans


15s up next with Coach Dom and have a rough game.  They never get rolling as their opponents size really put us off. Final score was 3-0.


16s and Coach Eddie play vs. Iceland and go down 2-0 before they storm back with a 3-2 win as Jack Evans scored all 3 goals.  Lot of character in this game!


18 Blue has last game of the day with Coach Matt as they play a German team.  Up 1-0 but then  let in a goal before half but roar back with a goal in the 2nd half to win 2-1.  

Goal Luke Deats, assist Nick Walmsley
Goal Jack Wyatt on a penalty kick.


Wednesday is last bracket play before knockout round so really big day. 


Curfew is 10 tonight as we need the boys fresh tomorrow.  Hot again today, around 90 and raining tonight so might cool off on Wednesday.


Wish us luck,



POD - 
Boys Red - Michael Somerville
Boys blue  - Tyler Vitale
16s - Jack Evans
15s. - Preston Stal


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