2018 Classic
Trip Journal


A 27 hour trip from Italy to Denmark...by Bus, with your sons.



2018 Classic Trip Journal


14 July 2018

I was wrong. It's not 22 hours from San Marino to Denmark. ITS 27 HOURS!!!


So much traffic in Germany but kids were warriors. No complaints and just dug it out. It was worth the long transfer to spend the time in Italy so no worries. Arrived at our boarding school and having a blast. After dinner some are playing soccer, some tumbling, some on trampoline, and some on the rock climbing wall.

Wherever we go we bring it.

12:30 am curfew and kids are wired from the trip. Just watch the videos n pics.

Off to Sweden in the am.


Great tour so far but still with the occasional sit ups to remind them of our discipline!


Weather is a cool 65 but nice change.














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