2018 Classic
Trip Journal

Great Day In Italy...

Tour is Doing Great!!



2018 Classic Trip Journal


11 July 2018

Another good day to be in Italy. Long day again but we get to play soccer so that's good.


8:30 breakfast as we let boys sleep in then 9:15 depart as we make a stop at the grocery store for lunch supplies and water. Interesting experience!


Boys B play first vs a team from Malta and just hammer them. Final was 6-0 but we had to score a lot due to goal differential.
Santi Brignone goal unassisted.
Mason Keels goal with santi assist.
Jack Evans goal with santi assist.
Cade Novicke goal with Gavin Goodrich assist.
Sean Schembri goal with santi assist.
Jack goal Carson Rodriguez assist.


Boys A next as they play a local team from Italy. We lost 3-2 as we played against a good team and the referee. One of the worst I have seen.
We fought back again and again but late goal did us in.
Gabe Carbello scored unassisted.
Michael Somerville scored with Jackson Rogers assist.


Boys C once again have gm of the day as we play another Italian team. Great gm as we tie 1-1.
Braydon Beason with a great unassisted goal.


All 3 teams advance so Thursday could be quite interesting.

We arrive back at hotel at 7:30 for another great meal and then watch my Croatia beat England in OT.


Had our first rain today but still hot.

Boys had their phones tonight for a couple of hours so hope all had a chance to say hi.


Tour is going great. All bonding and learning from the staff, each other, and the games!!


Wish us luck tomorrow



Boys A - Gabe Carbello
Boys B - Mason Keels
Boys C - Jaden Schell


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