2018 Classic
Trip Journal

Rough Day Today...

We could not top yesterday's performance.



2018 Classic Trip Journal


10 July 2018

Hard to top Mondays performance on the field and we showed that on Tuesday.

Boys A play first vs a Team from France on a really small field. Gm was ugly as we played poorly. Lost 2-0 and hopefully learned a few lessons.

Lunch on our own and then afternoon games.


Boys B next vs a good team from Turkey. We also play very poorly and go down 1-0 before Jack Evans scores on a free kick in the last 3 minutes. We stole a point but we will take it.


Once again game of the day is Boys C as we play a gm vs Argentina. Also a slow start but we end up playing very well. Entertaining too as lots of energy. Final score was 0-0.


Wednesday is moving day as all 3 teams in position to advance.


Another great dinner as our Italian cuisine is awesome.

Boys watch World Cup semi as France beat Belgium and then off to sleep.


POD (Players Of the Day)
Boys A - Seth Deats
Boys B - Matthew Huffman
Boys C - Jaden Schell


More tomorrow



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