2018 Classic
Trip Journal

From the Alps to the Italian Beaches...

Kids had a long and fun day.



2018 Classic Trip Journal


08 July 2018

Hi gang,


Having internet issues so apologies for tardy update.

Thank you to Innsbruck, Austria and hello to Rimini, Italy.


Only on Stars n Stripes can you see the Alps in the am and jog on the beach in Italy in the afternoon.

What a day!


Early 6am training, Depart at 9:30, Arrive at 4:30pm.

Kids had fun on bus too. Quick jog on beach. Awesome 4 course Italian dinner. Curfew at 10.


All teams play on Monday.


SNS Blue is all the 02s plus Novicke and Cantu and Huffman and Ralph and Roberson and Rodriguez . Game at 9:30 am.


SNS Red is all the 03s plus Luke Deats and Fuhrman and Moreno and Vitale. Game at 11 am.


SNS 18's play at 3 pm With all The 00 n 01 boys.


I'll update you tomorrow with more.

Wish us luck



Side Note from the Blog Master, I have been told that the San Marino Cup Opening Ceremonies will be Streamed Live on YouTube at this link on July 9th at 2pm (not sure what time zone that will be?)


San Marino Cup 2018 opening Ceremony LIVE from Riccione Stadium, Italy. Organized by Dream Team Sport Tours, sports tour operator leader in Italy and Europe.


Click Here For The San Marino Opening Cup Ceremonies LIVE Stream

















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