2018 Classic
Trip Journal

Long Day, lots of training and watching World Cup games.



2018 Classic Trip Journal


07 July 2018

What a long day!!


6 am training with what we call Breakfast Club but we all had a blast. It's really something to train with the Alps as our backdrop. Hope y'all are enjoying the pics.


Breakfast at 8.

2nd training at 9:30 am and the light rain vanished and the sun came out. It's about 55 in the am and gets to about 75 in the afternoon. Just gorgeous here.

12 pm, we bus into town and see some sights. Kids can't have American fast food so they go off in groups of 4 and venture off into the town of Innsbruck. Great town that hosted 2 Winter Olympics and it's quaint with spectacular views everywhere.


Training at 2:30 and boys are clicking now.


We watch Sweden vs. Spain at 4 pm as a team.


Dinner at 6 as we have pasta and ice cream!


8 pm we once again watch a gm and what a gm as Croatia beats Russia in penalty kicks. Makes a longer day as kids just went to bed at 11 pm.


Transfer day tomorrow after our 6 am training.


Should be another great day.

Chat next from Italy.




Austria - POD
Boys A - Jack Wyatt
Boys B - Alex Ralph
Boys C - Gavin White


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