2018 Classic
Trip Journal

Long Day....

All Kids are OK!!




2018 Classic Trip Journal


06 July 2018

Hi to all,


Long day!! 7 hours flight to iceland, 2 hour layover, 4 hour flight to Munich.
All luggage accounted for as well as all kids!

2 1/2 hour bus ride Turned into 5 hours due to traffic n construction, but gave us a chance to nap.

It's cool and rainy here. About 50 degrees so our light jackets came in handy. Spectacular scenery with the Alps as our backdrop and kids are in awe. We love Innsbruck!!!


We check in to our hostel with boys from 2 to a room to 6 to a room.

We have had a few sit-ups already due to various infractions so I'll let pictures tell more. Lol.


The boys had a nice jog in town and our first meal which was pizza and wow was it good.


We missed the France vs. Uruguay game but watched Brazil lose to Belgium.


Boys showering and off to bed as we have 6 am start on Saturday.


Enjoy the pics and videos and be sure to follow FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.



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