2017 Classic
Trip Journal

Last Entry On Tour...

What another great trip!!



2017 Classic Trip Journal


24 July 2017

Last entry for 2017 tour.


What a great tour, kids all back home and safe and sound, moms washing some pretty smelly clothes, kids telling stories after stories about tour, remembering stuff that they forgot, waking up at 5 am due to European time, eating junk food since they have been without for 3 weeks, but mostly walking with a smile on their faces.


What a great trip, no issues with our transfer, although it was a very long night and day.  Bringing some tired kids.

Big thanks to my staff as Eddie, Matt, and Stevie did a fabulous job with the kids and helped make sure each and everyone of them were attended to and helped them feel special.


Airport welcoming scene was awesome and no one is ever too old to get a welcome back hug!!!


We experienced so much this trip, 3 countries, 2 cups, friendly matches, one final, sightseeing, walking, no elevators, carrying bags, waiting for busses, St. Nick the bus driver in Denmark, ice cream in Germany, run in German town, breakfast club, Final in Denmark, singing on the bus, Gothia Cup opening ceremonies, walking, Maxx burgers, scoring goals, winning games, cross country snow skiiing, situps, ferry crossing, slot machines, walking, winning the slot machines, the Russian kids, trading items, Danish girls, Swedish girls, speakers, dancing, singing, walking, waiting for the bus, ice cream at Liseberg, winning chocolate bars, count off please, walking, no gaps, no cell phones, food at Hotel Odin, air mattresses, Cosio chocolate drinks, grocery shopping, Fortress and boat ride, situps, changing rooms?, Hard Rock dinner, trams, busses, walking, etc, etc, etc.


Memories will be coming and going for months and I can tell how the great tour was by how exhausted I am.


Thanks to all of the kids for having an open mind, learning, meeting new teammates, and just experiencing the Stars 'n Stripes way.  I will miss all of you and already do!


Love to all,
Coach Ed


End of Tour awards;
Player of Germany -
   Boys A - BK Kelley
   Boys B - Kaden Schell
Player of Denmark -
   Boys A - Cannon Braggs
   Boys B - Trey Bergstrom
Player of Sweden
   Boys A - Kyler Spier-Gottlieb
   Boys B - Preston Stal
Player of the Tour
   Boys A - Jack Wyatt
   Boys B - Chris Marroquin
Golden Boot Award - most goals on tour
   Chris Marroquin
Coach Eddie Award - Christian Munoz
Coach Matt Award - Laney Kimble
Coach Stevie Award - Jaden Schell
Koutoupis Award - Ambassador - Gabe Carballo

Goal of the Tour - Preston Stal




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