2017 Classic
Trip Journal

A Chill Day...

No games but we have a blast.



2017 Classic Trip Journal


21 July 2017


A chill day at Gothia Cup.  


No games today so we sleep in with late breakfast and its raining.  

Kids are free to shop and visit Heden fields and then watch 2 games for match analysis.


Tonight is our team dinner dress up night and we go to Hard Rock Cafe and have a blast. Boys in ties and dress slacks, girls in skirts/dresses.  We get an applause from some at the outdoor cafe and the band in Hard Rock recognizes our kids for looking so sharp.


Dinner was great, took a ton of pics and had a nice walk back to hotel.


Kids are packing as we have one more full day in Europe.  Its been a great tour, really exciting and with great kids comes great experiences.  Really proud of the kids behavior and how they have carried themselves on tour. 


Everywhere we go we get comments on our behavior and discipline and the Hotel staff just loves us.  


Past tours have paved the way and this current one will pave the way for others.  In 30 years I have taken thousands of boys and girls soccer players to Europe and its awesome.  Soccer is the vehicle that I have chosen to help guide these kids in their development and if we win a few games here and there, then its just icing.  But the experiences we are generating will last them a lifetime.  


They have their phones for the rest of tour so expect some communication and tomorrow we are going sightseeing and hopefully the beach and then watch some finals and then to Liseberg, the amusement park.


Fun filled last day so wish us luck.














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