2017 Classic
Trip Journal

Boys B Play well today...

We are still looking good.



2017 Classic Trip Journal


19 July 2017


Advancement day at Gothia Cup.


Wednesday is the day that separates those that continue to play vs those who pack up early.

Boys B start us off with a 6-0 thrashing of a Swedish team and they are really playing well and clicking at the right time.

Goals from Parker James, Devon Cantu, Chris Marroquin, Preston Stahl, Kaden Schell, and Austin Kemball-Cook lead the way.  Played on a nice turf field as well with outstanding weather.  With some bad luck with results, the boys finish 3rd and will play in the consolation bracket but we are excited to keep playing.  Back to hotel to rest for next game.

Boys A up next but with a hitch as we have to suspend 4 boys for punctuality issues and that is tough to do, but necessary.  We lose 2-0 to a team that we should have beat and we cannot find the net right now. This group was a group where we should have won all 3 games and instead we find ourselves also in the consolation bracket but hopefully we wake up and play on Thursday.


Boys B play first game in knockout phase against a team from Argentina and play one of their best games on tour, beating them 5-1.  4 Goals from Chris Marroquin and a goal from Laney Kimble set the tone and we look great. 


Confidence is high with these boys and they are fun to watch.


Another nice dinner and ready to take on Thursday as our goal is to keep playing throughout the week.


One of the best days in Europe with temps around 70, no wind and no clouds, just an awesome day for football.


Big day tomorrow so wish us luck.



POD - boys B game - Parker James
POD - boys A game - Christian Munoz

POD - boys B game - Chris Marroquin


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