2017 Classic
Trip Journal

Transfer Day..Tough on Everyone.



2017 Classic Trip Journal


16 July 2017

Transfer day to Sweden.

No matter how you slice it, transfer day is always tough on me and this was no exception.

Breakfast on our own, clean the rooms, lug the gear down 3 flights, re clean the rooms for inspection, and then catch a 10:30 am bus in the rain to the ferry.


Unload in the rain, walk up a few flights, show our passports, and then wait for an hour in a crowded room while the ferry unloads and prepares for our passage.


The ferry is a massive cruise like ship and we have a 3.5 hour ferry crossing, great fun as kids eat, play slots, take pics, play slots, text on their phones, and play slots.  A lot of kids actually win, go figure, still a great way to break up the trip, get away from the game, travel to another country and still have fun.


We land in Gothenburg, my 2nd home for the past 30 years, and its raining, darn.  We have to unload our luggage and lug it to our bus, short 10 minute transfer, then wait until Coach Ed checks us all in the hotel, but the Hotel is worth the wait.


Personal real beds, personal showers, 4 to a room, full kitchens, its civilization reborn and the kids are in heaven.  Never before will they take for granted the beds you all provide or the rides to and from practices/malls, and maybe even take for granted their cells.  Elevators are off limits on tour and for those on the higher floors, unlucky!


We train at Heden, the center of the Gothia Cup, do Yoga with Stevie, and just take in the enormity of this cup.  Kids are in awe and so excited to play so motivation should be easy.


Walk back to Dinner and they eat like kings, food here is awesome and tonight's dinner just broke the ice.


We finally get checked in with the Cup, meeting with the kids to organize the week, take care of loose ends, and curfew at 10, wiped out to say the least.


I love Gothenburg, Sweden, prettiest harbor town in Europe, nice people, and the best youth soccer tournament in the World. FIFA actually gave it the title, the World Youth Cup, and tomorrow we get to play and then watch the opening ceremonies.


Phones are back with me but all told me they spoke to home, so if they did not, they will be in trouble.


Wish us luck tomorrow.












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