2017 Classic
Trip Journal

Advancement Day...

Boys A are on FIRE !!!



2017 Classic Trip Journal


13 July 2017

Advancement day and what a day for the boys A team.


Breakfast at 8:30 and bus departure at 10:30 for fields.


Boys A first and have a great game vs. FFI, the local Danish team in Frederichshaven.  We win 4-2 with goals from Jack Wyatt (2), Dante Leoni, and BK Kelley. Boys are really playing well.


Boys B next at 2 pm and play a Norwegian team.  We lose 3-1 but play very well,  playing up a year is huge in this age. Kaden Schell with the lone goal.


Boys A play again at 2:30 and need 7 goals to win our group, so they go out and score 8 and do just that.  Goals from Jack Wyatt (2), Gabe Carballo (2), Christian Munoz, Cannon Braggs (2), and AJ Hutchinson.  


Taking first place in our group is a great accomplishment and now we are in the semis Friday night at 7 so we can rest awhile.


Boys B play again at 5 pm against a team from India and go down 1-0 before rallying to win 2-1 with goals from Chris Marroquin and Preston Stahl.  Great comeback.


A quick hour rest and we play again at 7 against a Brazilian team and our legs are just gone.  We make an effort but give up 2 goals late and lose 2-0.  Boys B are just exhausted as their legs are jelly, time for some rest and chill time, but they are kids and after 10 minute walk to bus they are joking and laughing so all is well.  Boys B are now out of the cup, playing 7 games total and I am happy with their play.  


We have the staff pack us dinner so the Boys B can eat back at the school and as I type this, all are in the halls with the other kids having a blast while some are writing in their journal, a few already asleep, but all are good.


Big day for us tomorrow, Semis are a great opportunity so wish us luck.



POD - Boys A - game 1 -  BK Kelly
POD - Boys B - game 1 - Kamran Salarian
POD - Boys A - game 2 - Gabe Carballo
POD - Boys B - game 2 - Connor Whitesell
POD - Boys B - game 3 - Mitchell Hammond


Players of the Day (POD)


Boys A Game 1

Boys B Game 1

Boys A Game 2

Boys B Game 2

Boys B Game 3






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