2017 Classic
Trip Journal

Great Day...

We actually played some GIANTS today.!!



2017 Classic Trip Journal


12 July 2017

What a gorgeous day in Denmark, sunny and about 75, a little breezy in the am but still an awesome atmosphere.


Breakfast at 8:30 am and all depart for fields at 9:30.


Boys B play first game against our Russian hall mates from Moscow and down the hall and we destroy them 4-0.  We play on turf and just pick them apart. 2 Goals from Kaden Schell and one each from Chris Marroquin and Kamran Salarian and a shutout from Barrett Agnew and the boys are flying.


Boys A play next and play against a team from Denmark and dominate them with probably about 80% possession but only score one goal from Jack Wyatt as they win 1-0. We need to put our chances away against better teams.


Macy and Laney again play for the local Danish team, as well as for the boys teams, and combine on the winning goal as their team won 3-2.


Last game of the day featured Boys B again as they played against a team of giants from Norway, and I mean they were big!!!  We lose 1-0 but they fought their hearts off and all in all a very good  day.  


Lunch and dinner was awesome today with burgers and fries for lunch and schnitzel and potatoes for dinner.  Add some fruit and we are all set.


After dinner we give the  kids some free time to go to grocery store to get some fruit and juices, etc.


Back in school early so we can shower and they once again are interacting with all cultures in the halls, pretty cool to see.  At lunch and dinner they are really interacting as everyone knows Stars 'n Stripes, and yes, including the Danish girls.  Just wait for the video.


A really good day for all and kids are great. They actually have their phones for an hour tonight so hopefully you will  get a text/call, etc.


Big day for games on Thursday as we have advancement so wish us luck!



POD - Boys B gm 3 - Trey Bergstrom
POD - Boys A gm 2 - Christian Munoz

POD - Boys B gm 4 - Barrett Agnew



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Boys B Game 3

Boys A Game 2

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