2017 Classic
Trip Journal

Transfer Day....

On our way to Denmark. Check into hotel with teams from all over the world.



2017 Classic Trip Journal


10 July 2017

Transfer day - always a long hard day and today was no exception.

6 am wake up and 6:30 departure as we need to bring our luggage to the bus, clean the rooms, and place our  linens in a certain area.


We stop 3 times on the Auto Bahn to eat and stretch our legs and the kids do great.  They learn our SnS songs and chants, watch some movies, and just bond together.  

We arrive in Denmark at 5 pm, but still have to check in which takes forever. 

Finally check in to our school room which is kind of neat as we have teams from everywhere, countries like Madagascar, Russia, Ghana, Gibraltar, Guatemala, Morocco, etc. should  be pretty cool.


Kids eat a good pasta  dinner and then watch a local Danish team vs a girls Right to Dream team from Ghana, very good game, Danish team won 2-1.


Now back to the rooms to blow up our  air mattresses and prepare our rooms to sleep.  Long day but kids in bed finally and I am behind them shortly.


Games start tomorrow so wish us luck!




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