2017 Classic
Trip Journal

Long Day, lots of training and games and fun.



2017 Classic Trip Journal


08 July 2017

Long day in Germany and it starts early with our 6:30 am breakfast club, all kids show up and some around 5 am as their bodies are still on US time but we juggle and get our am workout in and then breakfast at 8. 

Food here is awesome and breakfast is no exception with so many options and so much food, gonna put on some weight here.

Weather is also nice with periods of rain mixed in with hot temps that range from 65-85 so a jacket is always needed close by.


After breakfast we have another training session at 9:30 and the teams practice their Brazilian warm up, which shows off our unity and team unison.


The boys B team kicks off our European competition as we took on a local German side. We start off great but miss loads of chances and sure enough the Germans counter attacked us and get a silly goal.


We storm back with 8 unanswered goals and we win 8-1.  4 goals from Macy Hoover, 3 from Chris Marroquin and a gorgeous first goal from Kaden Schell pace our team.


Lunch at 12 pm and then its the pool at 1 pm, water is cold but all are forced to get in and stretch their legs.  Sand volleyball and some leisure time is perfect for us.


Next session at 3:30 and we work on some tactical situations.

We have another group staying at the Sport Center which consists of refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq and they ask us for a game so the Boys A team obliges and proceeds to thump them 4-1 with 2 goals from Cannon Braggs and a goal each from Jack Wyatt and BK Kelley.


Dinner at 6 followed by a chalk talk classroom session at 7 and then our 4th session of the day at 7:45 before we are back in the pool for a regeneration session.  Kids are tired, go figure, so we need to teach them how to rest and regenerate.


Kids are currently playing cards, ping pong, fussball or just chilling as we wind down our 2nd full day.


Tradition at SnS includes a POD which is our Player of the Day and for todays games we have the following:

Boys B - Macy Hoover
Boys A - BK Kelley


More games tomorrow so wish us luck.

Enjoy the pics and video as well.




Players of the Day (POD)


Boys B

Boys A




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