2017 Classic
Trip Journal

Arrived Safe and Sound.




2017 Classic Trip Journal


07 July 2017

Part 1

Arrived safe and sound. No lost luggage. Sport Center is about 45 minutes from Hamburg so no political interaction for us. More in a few hours.


Part 2

Well what a first day, its 10:30 pm and curfew and the kids are piling up the stairs to make it on time.


Some a little tired but all excited and having a blast.


Flight was good, no lost passports, which is always good, and no lost bags.


We meet our bus driver Katrin and we are off to Hamburg via the Auto Bahn.  We stop in 2 hours at a rest hour and kids eat, some get some fish and chips, some get sandwich and a few get weinerstitzel and pommes frites, yummy.


Our accommodations are awesome, small town called Lastrup, about 45 minutes from Hamburg, which is great as we avoid all the traffic from the G20 summit. Lastrup is about 6000 people.


We get our rooms, 4 to a room, and then we take a jog in town, a tradition with me as we get a sweat and also see some the downtown area.  Kids get a great sweat which is important after a long transfer.


Dinner at 6 and some great German food, kids are a little picky but they learn quickly the ways of expected nutrition at SnS.  We monitor their plates, make sure they eat everything and try everything.  No snacking so meals are vital.


Meeting after to discuss the week here and then we have a training session till 9:30 and the sun is still out.

German bowling, ping pong, cards, fussball, etc, kids are all interacting and having a blast.

We have had some situps so I will let the pics tell the story.  Was it your child who got the first SnS situps of 2017?


6:30 am breakfast club training in the am so all off to bed, including me, lol

Boys B have first game tomorrow as well, wish us luck.









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