2017 Spain
Trip Journal

Game Day!!!

Best day of the week.



2017 Spain Trip Journal


09 January 2017

Game day.
Best day of the week, Game Day.

Breakfast at 7 and bus at 8 am so early day.
Game at 10 am vs. Levante, professional team in Valencia.


We are best prepared for this game more than others and combined with last nights amazing Barcelona vs. Villarreal game, we are ready.


Great warm-up and it showed as we have a great first half. Give up a goal in 15th minute but we answer back as Jose Paz equalizes in the 25th.  We should have scored 2 more as Cole Davidson hit the crossbar and another saved off the line. Score at halftime, 1-1.

2nd half was very entertaining as we had to endure lots of pressure but we hold them off and earn a hard  fought 1-1 tie.  Diego Gutierrez, Derrick Krone, DJ Anderson, and others really defend well.

I will take this result and so proud of my boys.  They have come so far in such a short  time and all 16 boys are  making a contribution.  That is what a united and hard working team can accomplish. Great job to my boys.


And  to make it even more difficult, I have 7 of my boys fighting some kind of bug so afternoon means naps, massages, long steam showers, and rest.

Dinner at hotel at 8 and once again a feast and boys are feeling proud of themselves, which they should.


Easier  day tomorrow and we need it but for now, we enjoy our erformance.


More tomorrow.







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