2017 Spain
Trip Journal

Time to Relax - Transfer Day

On the road to Valencia.



2017 Spain Trip Journal


06 January 2017

Transfer day - bye to Madrid but what a great stay.  And off to Valencia, sunny out and nice and a 4 hour bus ride.  Boys are excited but sleep most of the way, what a shock, too bad too as some great views.  


We stop halfway for lunch and the boys play soccer tennis in the parking lot, always with a ball right??? 


Either that or their phones, which is a sore subject for me.  Phones are killing this world and I constantly remind them to put them away.  They are not allowed during our meals or meetings and if caught, the phone is mine until the next meal.


It's a society issue, but not the right place to discuss that, LOL.


Valencia is awesome, we were here last year, hotel is great and after we check in, we go on a jog through town, stretch, and sweat our our trip.
Return to a fabulous dinner and the boys are absolutely pumped about our meals ahead.  Great food, buffet style, which is good as they eat a ton, and many options.  Gonna be a great week.


Off to the beach tomorrow for some Fut Volley and then some sightseeing.  All are healthy and getting stronger from all the walking.


More tomorrow,





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