2017 Spain
Trip Journal

I am Happy with the Progress...

Another great day in Spain.



2017 Spain Trip Journal


05 January 2017

Game day today, early breakfast and a team walk around and its cold this am and foggy, ugh.


We leave for game at 10:15 and game starts at 12. We are really much better prepared for todays game and it shows as we start very well and are scoreless until the 30th minute.  The team we are playing against is our host team, their first team, and they are very good, best team we have played so far.


Down 2-0 at half but competing and doing well. 2nd half we fell apart and gave up some silly goals but all in all, much better performance.  I am happy with the progress but not with the result.


Lunch at stadium and love our hosts. In USA we have gifts at Christmas but in Spain they wait until January 6th, which is 3 Kings Festival, when the 3 kings brought gifts to baby Jesus.  Well tonight is the annual 3 Kings Parade which every city celebrates and wow, what  a celebration!!!  We went to town and saw part of the parade and it was awesome.  Weather is nice again and we use the subway system to get around, so much easier on our legs.  Really cool time.


For those of you who have Xmas lights up, the proper rule is to take them down after January 6th, see you all learned something today, LOL.


Another great dinner and boys are relaxing as we prepare to leave on Friday for Valencia.  We leave Madrid with great experiences and what a great city, will definitely return here!!!


Transfer day on Friday so more tomorrow.












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