2017 Spain
Trip Journal

Awesome first full day in Spain today, minus the passport that was temporarily lost.




2017 Spain Trip Journal


02 January 2017

Awesome first full day in Spain today. Arrived with no lost luggage in Madrid, but we did have one hick up as Connor left his passport on the plane, we retrieved it without issue so lucky there.


Went directly to the Bernabeu Stadium, Real Madrid's Stadium, and WOW!!! What a palace of dreams!!! We spent almost 2 hours there and it was just awesome.


Hotel check in, nice hotel, and then we have our first meal, which was also very good. Back to hotel to get our things organized and then we meet at 5:45 pm for a jog through Madrid. A bit cool here but no wind so it was nice jogging weather. We ran a few miles, reviewed some set pieces and then headed home.


Met Guti, Jesus Guiterrez, a great coach formerly from Real Madird and boys and I really enjoyed his company. He will be with us all week. Dinner at 9, great meal, and a nice walk in the night to just settle our food. Tired and should have no issue sleeping tonight.


First game tomorrow and boys are excited.


Wish us luck as we start our quest!!!


Ciao, Ed


Ed & Trophy


Ed and Ronaldo


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2017 Spain Tour Group

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