2016 Classic
Trip Journal

Last Day In Sweden...

Lost passport and lots of chocolate.



2016 Classic Trip Journal


23 July 2016

From the bus as we are on our way to Copenhagen for flight home. Last day in Sweden was of course great. Had breakfast at 9 and then team pic at 10 and then we have to say bye to Anders from Norway. We've grown close with him and kids all hug him. What a great experience it was to have Anders and Adam with us.

Pack our bags and place in luggage room and kids free to shop and watch finals. All going well until that dreaded statement, I can't find my passport!!!

Not gonna tell you who the culprit is but I'm sure you will find out soon. A mass search develops and we find it in the trash. Lucky boy.


Dinner at 6 and then Liseberg Amusement Park and kids have a blast. We are bringing lots of chocolate back FYI Big bars!


One last day left on this fabulous tour so see y'all soon



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