2016 Classic
Trip Journal

Beach Day for SNS...

Lots of relaxing and lots of ice cream.



2016 Classic Trip Journal


22 July 2016


Beach day for SnS.


Breakfast at 10, yes 10, first time we slept in and then we go to Heden to watch a game and then off to the beach and we have a blast.  All kids in  the water for the legs and some sun bathe, some play mini golf, some go crab hunting, and most have ice cream, LOL.


But awesome weather and awesome time as we needed this, just to chill and unwind.


We return around 7 and then dress up for our team dinner on the town. All the boys in ties/slacks/dress shoes, girls in dresses/skirts, etc.  We look sharp, just  look at the pics.


We eat at Hard Rock Cafe and they tell us that we are the best dressed team the entire week.  

Then we walk up and down the avenue and have more ice cream, yes I am a softy as the  tour winds  down.


Curfew at 11 and kids are packing as we check out tomorrow.

Most don't want to go home, which is a good sign of a good tour.


Warning to parents however - we may be sending you back a smell that might never get out of their bags, lol.  Sorry but its been hot  here.


Enjoy the pics of the day
















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