2016 Classic
Trip Journal

Transfer Day to Gothenburg...

My home away from home.



2016 Classic Trip Journal


17 July 2016


Transfer today and worst one of the trip, Always, as I need to check in my teams at Gothia along with over 1800 teams so just  imagine.


Breakfast at 9, depart at 10 but we need to clean our club house up and the hosts love us. So impressed with our players and tell us we are welcome at anytime we want and we will be back.


About 4 hours to Gothenburg and a little 20 minute ferry and about a year ago Sweden closed its borders and with all of the unrest around the world, I don't mind a little wait time as they enter our  bus at the border and check each passport one by one.  Kids are Angels as I threaten them with an inch of their  life if they make one joke.  Passport control is no laughing matter and I stressed that to them and all were great.


Arrive in Gothenburg, my home away from home as this is my 29th year here.  Love this city, prettiest harbor city in the all of Europe.  Great people and just a great place to visit.  We are lucky to be here.


We check into our hotel, yes hotel, and its like a corporate executive  apartment with full kitchen, full private shower, and real beds.  Kids are in heaven and they love this place. 

We go and train right away as we always do after a transfer and we show the kids Central Station, Ullevi Stadium, Heden Center, etc, and we are staying right at Central Station so its a great location. Same hotel for the last 9 years.  After a light training, we have a feast for dinner and the kids just chow down.  Great food.  


Check in is next and finally my long day is almost over.  Games start tomorrow so wish us luck.


All kids have called home or at least they told me they tried or at least sent a text and all are great.  Lots of excitement for this week so stay tuned.


More tomorrow,






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