2016 Classic
Trip Journal

Long Transfer Day...

No Wifi and we get two new players to our teams.



2016 Classic Trip Journal


14 July 2016

Transfer day today and it was long. Have to send this from my phone as we don't have wifi.

7 am breakfast and then pack the bus and then a 7 hour bus ride through Germany on the Auto Bahn until we arrive at Rostock for our 2 hour ferry that crosses the Baltic Sea. Ferry was fun and kids ate the buffet like world champions!!!

3 more hours and we arrive at our destination. We are a close group and will only get closer as our entire group is in one big room. It's a camping trip and we are having a blast. We now have acquired Adam from Sweden and Anders from Norway so our family is now complete.

Let the fun begin as our chats are all over the place. I think some are stir crazy already. Lol.


More tomorrow

Ciao Ed

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