2016 Classic
Trip Journal

Down Time in Prague....

Some light training and sight-seeing.



2016 Classic Trip Journal


11 July 2016

Breakfast at 9 this am and the kids loved getting the extra hour of sleep.
Light workout, actually a regeneration session and its still pretty hot out here at 10 am.

Not sure if I mentioned or not, but there is no AC anywhere, so we are just taking multiple showers daily, opening our windows and doors to create breeze, etc.  We did have one mishap as we had a door blow shut really hard and it shattered the inner glass, but apparently the management is used to it and was really cool about it.  Scared the you know what out of the kids, lol.

After lunch we take a train into Prague for shopping and some down time. Kids have permission to have ice cream as well and we have a blast. Some cool soccer purchases but all in all it was just great to see the downtown area of Prague, a really cool city.

Kids are behaving pretty good but we still need to hand out a few sit ups here and there but they are kids.

Another great dinner, this time it was rice and a curry sauce over chicken, and it was spectacular.  The food here has been great!!!

The staff handed out captains bands and POD jerseys and then of course the kids got their phones tonight and all called home, or at least they told me they did.  

Round 2 of games tomorrow and in bed at 10 already as kids are preparing for the day.

Good night and wish us luck tomorrow,





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