2016 Classic
Trip Journal

First Set Of Games On Tour.

Great games with a lot of goals scored.



2016 Classic Trip Journal


10 July 2016

Fantastic day on tour today as its game day, best time of the week.


No breakfast club and we let the kids sleep till breakfast at 8 am.
Training at 9:30 and its hot, really hot, so only about an hour to break a sweat, juggle, and play a little.

Lunch at 12:30 and we depart at 2 for our first games. Aabout a 45 minute bus ride and we arrive at a great club in a small town. Club was established in 1907 and we play on the stadium field so the kids are pumped.


Boys B play first and its back and forth for the first 15 minutes before we score 3 goals in the next 10.  Jackson Rogers nets all 3 goals.  We finally win the game 5-2 as Jackson scores one more and Jack Evans gets a goal as well.  Great start and kids are really proud of themselves.


Boys A up next and give up an early goal in the first 4 minutes before coming back and scoring 2 in the next 5.  Jackson Padilla and Cannon Braggs get the goals and this game saw nothing but scoring as it ends 6-5 with Stars 'n Stripes the winners.  Yes, I said 6-5, 11 goals in one game.  Jackson ends up with 3, Cannon 1, Luciano Brignone 1, and Adam Sondergaard 1. Adam is our Swedish player that joined us this am and will be with us most of the tour. Pretty cool to have a Swedish player as part of our SnS family and we get a Norwegian player later this week. Kids are really enjoying it.


We are exhausted too as combining the travel, the training, and the heat and we are cramping like crazy.  Bus ride back to the sports center and a great dinner once again as we watch the Euro Final and Portugal vs. France.


Kids will have their phones tomorrow night our time so expect a call, text, or snap chat, etc. LOL.  No issues  with kids sleeping as they are out and I am not far behind them.


Great day of games and goals, 11 in all which is impressive but gave up 7 which we need to fix.


Gonna have a light day tomorrow and already pushed breakfast  back to 9 am so the kids can sleep, see I am not such a bad guy (once in awhile).


More tomorrow



P.S. We have a tradition on tour where a player of the game or practice is honored and we call it a Player of the Day or POD, similar to the yellow jersey worn by the Tour De France leader.  The POD will wear the POD jersey for the next day and at the end of the tour, the jersey will be awarded to the Player of the Tour.

POD - boys A - Jackson Padilla
POD - boys B - Jackson Rogers


Players of the Day (POD)


Boys A

Boys B















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