2016 Classic
Trip Journal

Great Weather in Prague.

4 Training Sessions and No Phones. Go figure.



2016 Classic Trip Journal


09 July 2016

2nd day in Prague and what a day.  Weather ranges from about 65-85 and sunny and breezy.

We started with our breakfast club at 6:30 am and the kids all wide awake still from the time change, etc.  Breakfast at 8 and it was great, we even had eggs which we usually don't see until Sweden.  All kids eating great, some with a little push to clean their plate, but food is fantastic.

2nd session at 9:30 and kids play a lot and work on shape, pressure, etc.
lunch at 12:30 followed by a mandatory team nap.

3rd session at 3:30 and some slept through their alarms so more sit ups handed out.  Gonna be a tight race to find the sit up champ as we have lots of entries, LOL.

Dinner at 6:30 and then 4th session at 7:30 as we work on set pieces, etc.
kids getting showers and ready for 10 pm curfew but all in all, a great day.

Kids not having phones is already taking an affect as they are actually playing cards and talking to each other in the halls, go figure.


We named our captains tonight as well
Boys A - Luciano and Isaiah
Boys B - Gabe and Yoda


First games tomorrow so wish us luck.





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