2016 Classic
Trip Journal

Long Travel Day, but we made it and then still did some sight-seeing (and situps).



2016 Classic Trip Journal


08 July 2016

Dear SnS families, first full update on our first full day and what a day. Long but full.

Dallas to Atlanta, Atlanta to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Prague.  Approx. 24 hours total but all arrive safe and no lost baggage.  Wish I can say the same for the sit ups. There is always a dilemma for parents to see if their child is the first to do sit ups.  Well it did not take long and the winners are;
Kendall, Gavin, Cannon, and Fernando as they decided to be late for a meeting point which is a no no.  So 3,000 sit ups later, I think it may sink in.


But we are not done, once we check in to our great sport center, 3 of the boys decide to leave their room unlocked and as a dedicated and caring staff, we checked each of the rooms.  Well, we decided to take their luggage, all of it, and hide it in my room while we worked out.  Imagine their  faces when they came back and their entire existence of belongings is missing.  Once again, I think they get the point now and its 2,000 sit ups for Christian, Matthew, and Jarren. 


But we did have a great castle tour and walking tour of Prague, called the Heart of Europe.  Gorgeous city with some old architecture, bridges, etc.  A nice quiet lunch and then a transfer to our sport center.  

After each transfer we always sweat out the trip and Eddie and Matt and I ran the group and did some core work and abs.


First meal was Salmon and mashed potatoes and it was good.  Kids had enough energy to go and play a little on the field before a mandatory 10 pm curfew. All phones now in Ed's possession but what a great start to our tour.


4 sessions on schedule for tomorrow so another long day ahead.









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