2016 Spain
Trip Journal

Another excellent day. Boys got to watch Real Madrid vs Valencia too!!



2016 Spain Trip Journal


03 January 2016

Not sure how we did it, but today was better than yesterday.  After another great meal for breakfast, we had our  first training session and boys look sharp.  Quick, hungry, and eager to play, we cannot wait to play on Monday.


After training, we return to hotel and get fatter, we have too many options for lunch and I know I am gaining weight, LOL.  


We depart hotel around 3 pm for sightseeing  and we visit the City of Arts and Science, take some pics, see some museums, watch a cool IMAX video, and have dinner on the park.  Getting a little cool, about 50 degrees but we are excited for the main course, which is of course, the Real Madrid vs. Valencia game at 8:30.  Well, excited to tell you that we were not disappointed as we saw a fantastic game, tied 2-2.  What a game, what excitement, and what an atmosphere.  Cold but well worth it, made the trip.  

Back to hotel and lights out at 11, we will have no issues getting sleep tonight.


First game tomorrow and boys are primed so I will update you tomorrow.


Wish us luck










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