2016 Spain
Trip Journal

Long Day Traveling...but great ending of the day.




2016 Spain Trip Journal


02 January 2016

What a day for our trip.  Almost flawless which is  a good sign.


Non stop flight from DFW to Frankfort, no issues.

Quick 90 minute layover and then flight to Barcelona, no issues.

Arrive in Barcelona, luggage all accounted for, bus and driver waiting for us, no issues.


We take a 4 hour bus ride to Valencia and its gorgeous outside.  Hills and mountains on the west and sea on the east makes for some great skies and our  sunset was awesome.

Boys slept which we all needed and we arrived at our  hotel approx. 5 pm
Check in to our  rooms and then as customary for all my trips, we take a jog through town to sweat out the trip and get accustomed to the area.


Boys are all in great spirits and we had a great time with our jog and stretch. Back to shower and then dinner at 8:15 pm, and what a feast.  We may come back a few pounds heavier.  Hotel is awesome, 3 boys to a room, private  showers, pool, big gym, good location, so all is set for us to have an incredible time.


After dinner, we had a quick tactical meeting and boys are off to bed at 9:30 pm.  Tour  is officially underway and with tour comes some rules.  Those who know me are not surprised, lol.


We dress in the same gear, we eat together, meet together, tour together, and bond together.  No cell phones during  meals, if caught, fined.  Late to anything, fined. Welcome to the world of professional soccer as this is their goal so let it begin!!!


Big day tomorrow and I can tell the boys are excited so I will update you on a great day I am sure. some pics for you  as well so enjoy.







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