2015 Classic
Trip Journal

Hump Day at Dana Cup...

Some rough games.



2015 Classic Trip Journal


22 July 2015


Wednesday at Dana Cup and it was definitely hump day.


Girls play first as they play a rough Danish team.  We lost 2-1 but we played very well and finished the game all over the opponent. Dana scored on a PK as well.


Boys play 2 fields over and also have a rough game. We play a Norwegian team and it was physical.  We give up an early goal in the 2nd half and pound the Norwegian goal but cannot score.  


2 games and 2 losses but pretty happy with the passion, we play like that and we will win lots of games.


After dinner, girls have late game to finish our day and the boys are ready to rock. They bring an atmosphere that is electric and sing and chant and help lead the girls to a 3-1 victory. 2 goals from Dana Mcalpine and one from Astrid, our Danish guest  player,  and game over.  Physical as well but we deserved this one.


Kids have their  phones for 90 minutes and they snap chat, tweet, and hopefully call home.


11 pm curfew and all set for games on Thursday as playoffs are here.


Wish us luck.



Player of the Day -
Girls game 1 - Dana Mcalpine
Boys game 1 - Patrick Hillyard
Girls game 2 - Rebecca Huffman


Players of the Day (POD)


Girls Game 1

Girls Game 2





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