2015 Classic
Trip Journal

Cold and Rainy....

Sure glad we have those sweats and fleeces.



2015 Classic Trip Journal


21 July 2015


Cold and rainy to start our day in Denmark, very cold.  About 50 and boys had a game first and girls ready to come and support until I sent them back to bed to stay dry for their game.


It poured on our  first game, big time, but no one blinked and games went on as scheduled.

We play an Norwegian team and are outplayed but manage a 1-0 win on a goal from Luciano Brignone.  Boys hang on and get big win to start group play.


We return to school to dry off and then grab the girls and head to lunch and then to girls game.


Girls play a Norwegian team as well and they are good.  We play poor in first half and then play well in 2nd but lose 2-0.  Positive play though so happy with that.


Dinner and then  boys boys play 2nd game of the day and get hammered by a very good Norwegian team, 5-0. They were good and we learned a lot, I hope!!!!


Food here is not what we had in Sweden but so far above average so happy with that. Sun came out a little before it got cold again.  I don't look so bad when I bought sweats and fleeces for the kids, could have used hats  and gloves today though.


Really big day for the kids to express themselves with chants and songs or maybe  it was fear from Coach Ed if they did not engage with some passion, regardless it worked and now the chants and passion is flowing from both boys and girls.


Gave kids some free time tonight to see the complex and then shower and off to bed.


Another big day of games on Wed




Player of the Day -
Boys - first game - Luciano Brignone
Boys - 2nd game - Luciano Brignone
Girls - Willow Herndon
Boys guesting with another team - Jarren Kreska



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