2015 Classic
Trip Journal

Good and Bad Day....



2015 Classic Trip Journal


16 July 2015


Good and bad day at Gothia Cup.


Early start as girls have 6 am breakfast and then game at 8 and we play one of the best clubs in the country.  We have slow start and go down 3-0 at half but play awesome 2nd half and lose 4-0.  Girls played well and opponent were really good.  Quick, strong, and played good soccer.  Proud of our girls, especially in 2nd half as we controlled the pace and possession but just had to overcome too much.  One of the best teams I have  seen in Sweden and had 4 national team players on this team.


Off to boys game and best game on tour as boys played perennial powerhouse from Zambia.  Too bad for gamesmanship and faking fouls and injury as it was a great game.  We go down 1-0 at half and fight hard, then down 2-0 to start 2nd half before Patrick Hillyard scores to make it 2-1. We are all over this team, despite  awful referee calls and Zambians wasting time, etc. and we actually have a few quality chances  to tie the game but luck was not on our  side and we lose 2-1.


Both teams are out, but I am happy with both teams in this cup.  The best cup in the world and both teams advance to the winners bracket and did awesome.  Could be happier but I will take it.


Time to relax and eat lunch, so I think, but I find the kids all playing a pick up game in the indoor arena for an hour, what a shock, and they just keep trying  to get better. 


Ice cream allowed today so kids have some fun.


Match analysis tonight again and then dinner followed by 11 pm curfew, what a nice  guy I am becoming.


Time to heal our wounds  tomorrow and watch some great games.



Player of the Day - 
Girls - Nicolette Cacarcia
Boys - Matt Hopkins


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