2015 Classic
Trip Journal

First Full Day On Tour.

4 Sessions and some good food.



2015 Classic Trip Journal


10 July 2015

First full  day on tour and what a day we had.


Breakfast club  at 7 am and a bit cool, jackets and sweat tops in order, but it is sunny and crisp.

Breakfast at 8:30 and then 2nd session at 10-12, lunch at 12:30, followed by nap time for entire group which was a welcome command.  Training at 3 and dinner at 6:30 and then we had a German quiz hosted by our German buddy Bernd, and winners get ice cream tomorrow.  Good fun.

Last session from 8:30-9:45 and curfew at 10:30.
4 sessions today and full day but good.

Excited to play our friendly games on Saturday.

Kids getting used to no phones and they actually have to talk to each other, play cards, and just be kids without technology, what a concept!!!


Food is great although some will not agree but it is, trust me.

After cool morning, heated up today to about 85 and then cool again tonight but its awesome weather.


Wish us luck in our game tomorrow.


Here are a couple of pics and videos from today and staff is posting pics on our  facebook page as well.


Video 1


Video 2




More tomorrow


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