2014 Classic
Trip Journal

And So It Ends....

IWe have witnessed some great events/sights this tour. Read about them.



2014 Classic Trip Journal


27 July 2014

Last and final update regarding the Stars 'n Stripes 2014 Soccer Tour.

I can tell its been a great tour as I am completely mentally and physically exhausted.

Long transfer day as we depart at 11 pm Sat night and arrive at Copenhagen around 4:30 am. Ssay good bye to several of our players who have alternate return plans with parents and kids start feeling sense of sadness with the goodbyes.

Flights are good, no turbulence this time and most kids sleep, also a sign of a good tour.

We arrive in Dallas to a roaring crowd, thanks for that as I know the kids enjoyed it.

Its been a great tour and we have experienced so much that most of us have forgotten so many memories, but the next few days and weeks, small instances will spark a memory and the kids will find themselves chuckling out loud with the thoughts.

We have witnessed some great events/sights this tour and below are just a few:

first run in Germany, in the cold pouring rain
watching World Cup games in Germany
the fortress at Koblenz
reciting names of all players on tour
your first sit ups
Team Sit ups
boys down 3-0 only to win 4-3
arriving at Hotel in Sweden and realizing that Coach Ed was serious about no elevators
the food in Sweden
our Swedish guest players
the Gothia Cup opening ceremonies
Lennarts nightly stories
more sit ups
walking all over Gothenburg, sometimes in the wrong direction
running between games
Chanting our SnS and USA songs
clean uniforms, without the smell
the games
more games
beaches at Germany, Sweden, and Denmark
the team photo in the North Sea in Sweden
getting to eat ice cream
scoring goals
team disco in Sweden
Heden complex
Georgie our German bus driver
Bernd giving us German history
Amusement park in Liseberg
winning chocolate bars
trying to win chocolate bars
midnight ferry to Denmark
5 am arrival and then we have to set up our beds/rooms
grocery shopping in Denmark
no junk food
no sodas - or at least don't let Coach Ed catch u
opening ceremonies in Dana, singing and walking
hot temps in Dana
team classrooms
Roberts shoes
Girls dominating games
more sit ups
scoring more goals
Dana Cup disco
dress up night
more ice cream
saying good bye, tears
planning for 2015 already!!!
a few more sit ups
no phones
kuum bye ya chant
team bonding/closeness
nightly hot chocolate
beach soccer
crab hunting
lighthouse steps
another pic please

list goes on and on.

Thanks to all of the players for simply giving their all and for being a part of Stars 'n Stripes. 

Thanks to all of the parents for trusting me and my staff!

Thanks for all of the memories that I will cherish for many many more years to come.


Best of luck to all my players, I miss you already,

Coach Ed


Coaching staff for SNS 2014.

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