2014 Classic
Trip Journal

Finals at Dana Cup...

Then packing and pics of the teams and a long transfer day ahead of us.



2014 Classic Trip Journal


26 July 2014


Sad day for us as we realize its our last day on tour and even though rain was in our forecast, no chance, so close to 100 again.  I actually love this weather.

Slept in till 9, meeting at 10, and free time to pack, etc, lunch and then off to finals to watch some games.

Easy day and then we have my favorite night on tour as we dress up for  dinner.  Its hot but still fun and the boys and girls look sharp as the pics show.

After dinner, a quick  ice cream stop and then back to school for  wrap up meeting with awards, etc. kind of sad but also kind of exciting.

2014 Awards

Player of German stay
Girls 18 - Emma Heasley
Girls 16 - Willow Herndon
Boys 18 - Jonathan Otto
Boys 16 - Adam Witte

Player of Gothia Cup -
Girls 18 - Courtney Pesche
Girls 16 - Nicolette Casarcia
Boys 18 - Chase Gaskill
Boys 16 - Patrick Hillyard

Player of Dana Cup -
Girls 18 - Ranleigh Hudgens
Girls 16 - Alyssa Proviano
Boys 18 - Tristan Putnam
Boys 16 - Carlos Gonzalez

Player of the Tour -
Girls 18 - Christine Tamburini
Girls 16 - Katelyn Havard
Boys 18 - Junior Arvizu
Boys 16 - Steven Gallagher

John Koutoupis Award -
Girls - Luico Brignone
Boys - Ranleigh Hudgens

Patriot Award -
Elizabeth Martinez

Most Coachable award -
Girls - Dana McAlpine
Boys - Johnny Selhoff

Golden Boot -
Katelyn Havard

Lennart Award -
Girls - Logan Hughes
Boys - Junior Arvizu

Team first award -

Brittany Sanders

I will do a final recap after we return but a great tour and thanks to all back home for supporting us.









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