2014 Classic
Trip Journal

Great Day Today

Lots of fun at the beach.



2014 Classic Trip Journal


25 July 2014


Finally a day away from Football as the beach is calling  our name.

Temps close to 100 and hottest week I can remember in Denmark, but all good when a beach is around.

Still a sour taste regarding the  situation with  our  girls team on Thursday and its a hot topic around the cup and all agree that the  Norwegian was extremely selfish and ignored the Fair Play concept.  I have some Norwegian friends that apparently know the coach and club and upon their return they will be looking into his actions.

Back to the  beach -
Some nice pics as well as a soccer field set up so what else do we do, we play. We spend the  entire day there and just relax, go in the  freezing  water, and hang out.  It was a great day.

After dinner, kids have some free time and we get some fireworks at 10:30 so nice surprise. The  girls decide to have a team sleepover in one room and enjoy some more team bonding.  They are a really close bunch.  The boys will not do sleepovers but are also pretty close. 

One final long day on tour before we transfer tomorrow night and kids are mixed about going home or staying together, a good sign we have had a good tour.

Good night,




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