2014 Classic
Trip Journal

Win or Go Home...

So proud of the SNS teams today.



2014 Classic Trip Journal


24 July 2014


The soccer Gods give and the Soccer Gods take it away.

Such was the case on Thursday in the Dana Cup.

Boys 17 up first and play against a physical German team and just have nothing left in the tank.  We lose 2-0 and the Dana Cup is over.

A quick 1 hour rest period and the Boys 19 play against a German team as well who are quite good.  We lose 3-0 and have reached our limit with energy and healthy bodies, but  a good cup nonetheless for the boys.

Girls have a strange situation as while we are waiting for our game to begin, the  field we are playing on, or so we think is way behind.  When the game ended we noticed that 2 boys teams are taking the  field.  We quickly realize that we are on the wrong field and our field is 2 fields away.  The girls rush to the field to find the Norwegian team has left and some of the girls are still there.  After an investigation we find the following; Ref was too quick to call a forfeit and never informed the tent headquarters of a team missing, at which time they would have called me.

Norwegian girls want to play our  girls and try and contact their coach.
Amanda goes to Dana Cup headquarters and files a protest and the Dana Cup staff agree to conduct our game. Referee shows up as well as several of the Norwegian girls.

After Dana cup contacts the Norwegian coach, he decides to accept the forfeit and will not play our girls.  All are upset including the Norwegian girls and the Dana Cup does not agree with his decision but we are left out in the cold. Just an unfortunate situation and our girls are crushed.

We have to regroup and play in the G17 game in 20 minutes and we play a great game with as much as 70% percent possession. Zoe ties it up with 5 minutes from time but a Penalty Kick call against us seals our  fate as lose 2-1 to a team we are miles better than. 

So now the Dana Cup is officially over for the kids.

They played great and I am so proud of them.

I allow them to go the Dana Cup Disco after dinner and they have  a ball. For the first time since July 7 the kids are dressed in non SnS gear.  Go figure.

So proud of our  girls and boys for this week but they are exhausted emotionally and physically.  They need a break and the beach might be in store on Friday.

Boys 17 - Matthew Hopkins
Boys 19 - Junior Arvizu
Girls 17 - Zoe Peterson

Kids are all great and doing well but we start packing up and start thinking about going home and to be honest with you, not too many are excited about that.  Sorry MOM!


Have a nice night,


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