2014 Classic
Trip Journal

Dana Cup Games continue...

All teams qualify for the A-Final games!! That is an awesome accomplishment.



2014 Classic Trip Journal


23 July 2014


Banner day for Stars 'n Stripes as we rocked it today!

Boys 19 got us rolling as they played best game on tour and won 4-1.  Controlled the game and simply dissected our  Norwegian opponents.  Chase and Tristan each had a great goal in a total team effort.

Girls 17 up  next and also destroyed its Norwegian opponent 5-0 with goals from Elizabeth, Zoe, Christina, and Katelyn with 2.  Girls are hitting their stride.

Girls 16 and Boys 17 play at same time on fields side by side and boys tied 0-0 as they could  not score but  no such problems with the  girls as they won 5-0 with 2 goals from Zoe, 2 from Simone our  Danish guest  player, and 1 from Alyssa.  Great atmosphere with both teams playing at same time and loads of fun.

Lunch and some rest and then boys 19 play a physical Norwegian team and were down 1-0 for most of the game before Adam Witte tied it up and Eddie scored on a late free kick as we win 2-1. 


Mad rush to the  girls 16 game as they play another undefeated  team to decide the  group  winner and we win 1-0 on a scrappy goal from Nicolette.

So all in all a great day as all 4 teams have qualified for the A-final which is an awesome feat.  Going undefeated on the  Wednesday of a European cup is an awesome accomplishment.

Meals are ok, not great, but still ok and its hot.  Mid  90s easily and we  have some knocks to sort out but  kids are all great.

They had  their  phones tonight  and the  woodpeckers were busy texting, posting pics, calling  family, etc.    We have  some great kids on this tour  and they are  really bonding together, great fun.

Huge  day tomorrow as we enter  the  win or  go home phase so wish us luck.

Boys 19 - Adam Witte/Jonathan Otto
Boys 19 - Junior Arvizu
Boys 17 - Joe Scanlon
Girls 17 - Katelyn Havard
Girls 16 - Alyssa Proviano
Girls 16 - Nicolette Casarcia


Kids are missing family but also enjoying the tour and Denmark.










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Boys 19

Boys 19

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Girls 16




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