2014 Classic
Trip Journal

Dana Cup Games....

Long Hot Day for the first games of the Dana Cup.



2014 Classic Trip Journal


22 July 2014


Hot today and so was our play.  Probably 95 degrees and once again no clouds but no complaints either.

Boys 17 start early, 7:30 am kickoff and we had a great 1st half and then fell apart and lost 3-0.  Disappointing but need to regroup.

Girls 16 next and they won 3-0 as they dominate play.  Now it gets tricky as the Girls 17 game starts at same time Girls 16 game ends.  I delay the start until we have 9 and we play great with 9 and should score but halftime comes and its 0-0, we then get reinforcements as rest of the  girls show up and we win 1-0 as Christine scores so girls off to great start.

Boys 19 up next and entire tour can finally get together and support  each other as they sing and chant and cheer on the boys.  Eddie scores 2 goals as we tie 2-2 in a good game.

Back to complex for lunch and down time and then 2 more games.

Boys 17 redeem themselves with a 2-0 win as Tristan scores and Lucio scores.

Girls 17 have an awful  ref and they lose 5-1. Score does not reflect the close game but ref was really awful.  Oh well it happens sometimes and Alyssa scored  again.

Dinner and then some chill time as we spend the evening telling  stories, etc.  Great bonding time with the kids.

Another long hot day in store tomorrow but would  not trade  it for the world as we get to play more European teams!!!

Boys 17 - Patrick Hillyard
Boys 19 - Eddie Puskarich
Boys 17 - Carlos Gonzalez
Girls 16 - Sara Ingram
Girls 17 - Zoe Peterson
Girls 17 - Ranleigh Hudgens


Good night






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