2014 Classic
Trip Journal

Long Night Transfer to Denmark

We are in Hjorring, Denmark for the Dana Cup.



2014 Classic Trip Journal


20 July 2014


Day started early as we arrive in Denmark via the ferry around 3:30 am.
40 min bus ride and we are in Hjorring.

Time to unload the bus, get our mattresses and linens together and get some sleep and sleep we did as I gave the kids until 11:45 am.  Boy we needed it. 

After we slept, we walked through Dana Cup fields and headquarters and showed the kids lots of stuff.  Different than Gothia as Hjorring is a small quaint town.

Off to Grocery store as we prepare for our own lunch, dinner, and breakfast tomorrow.  Pretty cute watching the kids shop, etc.  and especially when they cannot buy chips and junk.  Lots of fruit and of course Nutella, the  favorite for most of our kids as have it at almost every meal in Europe.

After lunch we have training and get our bodies prepared for games on Tuesday.

We really needed our  mental rest over the last two days and we are eager to play.  Kids are all tucked in their  rooms and its no hotel  but its simple and bonding on  our agenda.

10:30 curfew as we train in the am again.







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