2014 Classic
Trip Journal

Tough Day for SNS....

But very proud of the kids.



2014 Classic Trip Journal


17 July 2014


Hey gang,

Win  or go home day at Gothia and once again our  schedule is tough on us.

Boys 16 play first in A-Final game vs a French team and they are very talented and we are just worn out.  We lose 5-0 but we gave up some late goals.  TJ was a force in the goal today and kept us in the game.  A good run for the boys however.

We literally have to run to the Boys 19 game as they started with 10 players until we got there.  We played a US team from Oregon and pretty even game with both teams missing chances from close in.  PKs settle this one as we are scoreless in the game.

Tristan - goal
Adam - miss
Junior - miss
Steven - goal
William (swedish guest player) - miss
Josh - goal
Chase - miss

We lose in the 7th round so all boys teams are done

Girls 19 also play at same time as Boys 19s and lose 2-0 to a team we were stronger than but once again we are just empty in our tanks.


This week has been a grind as we get used to walking.  We literally are  walking 6-10 miles a day at Ed pace with our backpacks on so although good for our bodies, combine that with games and we are dead.

All return to hotel for dinner and then we all go and watch a great boys 17 game as Ghana vs. Sweden and kids to match analysis which is an important part of our  learning experience. 

Night of relaxing and chilling so we can recharge and get ready for Friday sightseeing.

We need a fun day ahead of us and I have one in store.

Boys 17 - TJ Bjorklund
Boys 19 - Tristan Putnam
Girls 19 - Jordan Perry


Good night




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