2014 Classic
Trip Journal

6 Games Today...

Kids are exhausted.



2014 Classic Trip Journal


15 July 2014


Hey gang, after great opening  ceremonies last night, its back on the fields today and  a long day ahead  of us.

We split  the girls  today and we had games at same time so all boys and girls 17 go with Ed, poor kids!!!

Boys 19 play first vs. Gais, a professional team in Sweden who won Gothia Cup last year.  A great opportunity to play vs. the best and the first half we were star struck and were down 4-0 at the half.  2nd half was much better with final score 5-0 but we will get more out of this game than we would if we won 10-0.

Girls 19 hit a speed  bump as they fell to a Norwegian team 5-0, not a great game as score should have been closer but we never responded to going down early.

Girls 17 played on same field after Boys 19 and gave up an early goal and just  could not play well together and ended up losing 1-0 to another team we should have won.  Girls just need to come together and relax and play.

Boys 17 have a unique venture as we got lost trying to walk a shortcut and ended up arriving 5 minutes late to the game. With no warm up and no preparation we ended beating a Brazilian team 2-0 with goals from Donovan Smith and Steven Gallagher.  Go figure.  Boys 17 now have a chance to win their group on Wed.

Girls 17 up again and won 3-0 with goals from Dana Mcalpine, Zoe Peterson, and Katelyn Havard and girls played well.

Final  game of the day was us vs. Lebanon in the Boys 19 bracket and a great game in the rain once again as we tied 0-0 but boys were very organized.

Kids are exhausted and after another great dinner we just chill  out tonight with 9:30 pm curfew.  Some bruises, muscle strains, etc, mostly from walking, but kids are great.

boys 18 game - Junior Arvizu
girls 17 game - Alyssa Proviano
girls 19 game - Christina Tamburini
boys 16 game - Jonathan Selhoff
girls 17 game - Dana Mcalpine
boys 19 game - Tristan Putnam

Wish us luck tomorrow



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