2014 Classic
Trip Journal

Longest Day On Tour....

Transfer to Gothenburg.



2014 Classic Trip Journal


14 July 2014

Transfer day today and for me personally, the worst and longest day on tour.

5 am departure so 4:30 am wake up, then bus to Frederickshavn, Denmark to catch ferry to Gothenburg.  About 3 1/2 hours but kids had chance to eat, use wifi on their phones, play slot machines, etc.  Yes, slot machines but not much. 


Arrive in Gothenburg in light rain and cool temps, about 65, transferred to Hotel, checked in my teams, checked in the hotel, then went to train at Heden, the main center right in the middle of downtown Gothenburg, more rain, then back to hotel for dinner, quick organizational meeting, and of course watch the  World Cup Final.  Just another easy day on tour!!!

We did meet our Swedish players as we have 4 girls guesting with us and 2 boys and they are awesome.  Great time ahead as both get to hang out and learn the others customs, etc.  Really cool stuff.

Kids are excited to start Gothia Cup tomorrow and we have 4 games and then Opening Ceremonies, another easy day ahead.


Wish us luck


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